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Deck Tile Connector System

Using our deck tiles, anyone can easily enjoy a breathtaking exterior tiled surface in a tropical hardwood specie. Forget about the stress, annoyances and clutter of traditional deck installation. Our patented Deck Tile Connector System completely removes the need for power tools. Plus, possibly more significantly, there is zero aggravation to aligning hardwood tiles with regular height, straight lines and even gap spatial arrangement.

Deck Tile Connectors

Massaranduba deck tile patio Massaranduba Hardwood finished with + Ipe Oil®
DeckWise Deck Tile
Deck Tile Connector system benefits include:
  • Corner pins secure tile placement.
  • Elevates the deck tile from the wet subsurface to help prevent wood rot.
  • Chemical & UV resistant polyethylene.
  • Pre-drilled countersunk holes for easy fastening into a concrete slab or existing wooden deck.
  • Preset gap spacing for an even looking surface.
  • Can be divided into halves or quarters easily with hand tools using the pre-molded score lines.
  • Center drain hole provides improved drainage for water runoff to prevent pooling in the corners.
  • Matte texture provides better appearance between gaps.

Connecting Hardwood Deck Tiles is a Snap!

WiseTile® Deck Tile Connectors simply snap in place, precisely, accurately and securely over virtually any hard surface. Deck tile connectors are molded of polyethylene plastic and feature integrated 3/16” gap spacers to automatically set the perfect tile spacing. Each connector has 4 fasteners that fit into deck tile corners to connect tiles from underneath. Pre-fabricated countersunk holes guarantee the securing of connectors to foundations when using trusted and proper fastening methods.

Available in 3 colors to match install surfaces. (see below)

Connecting Hardwood Deck Tiles

Available in 3 Variations

DeckWise® Deck Tile Connectors have pre-drilled countersink holes ready for fastening to an existing surface or sub-structure. Patented: D665,657

Deck Tile Shadowline Black
Shadowline Black
Deck Tile Hardwood Brown
Hardwood Brown
Deck Tile Concrete Grey
Concrete Grey
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