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DeckWise® B.V. Dealer Badging Program

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Online sales are a necessary tool to conduct business, and keeping our market share is extremely important. As a Dealer of DeckWise® B.V. deck building products, your reputation and profits must be at the highest level. However, in today’s e-commerce world this is becoming more difficult as new 3rd party resellers pop up online with ridiculous low prices, stealing sales away!

In an effort to halt all unauthorized sales we have designed a new Dealer Badging Program and Certification for all existing DeckWise® B.V. Dealers. This "Badging" initiative is a huge part of our overall strategy to stop any misinformation where our deck building products and accessories are sold.

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Understanding The Harm To Your Business

Small 3rd party drop ship resellers are profiting off the hard work you put into selling high quality building materials and products. They sit on a computer monitoring thousands SKUs all day long; robbing your sales with low-ball price points.

Even brick and mortar stores are losing local sales to price-shopping online buyers looking for the lowest price. This not only damages your business’ bottom line, it also dilutes the market and produces price wars and an unfair playing field.

Over the last few years DeckWise® B.V. has dedicated many resources and time in an effort to curb these unauthorized 3rd party resellers. What we have found is astonishing and extremely troubling when it comes to protecting product branding and controlling the market share of your DeckWise® B.V. sales.

By the same token, when it comes to our DeckWise® B.V. Limited Liability Warranty, these resellers do not attain the DeckWise® B.V. deck building product guarantee and backing. “All Limited Liability Warranties are enforceable only under the condition that, products are purchased from an ‘Authorized’ Dealer, Distributor or re-seller of DeckWise® B.V. deck building products. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser for the original project and is non-transferable. Product purchased from ‘non-authorized’ re-sellers hold no expressed and also implied warranty and will not be honored.”

The Badging Program

The DeckWise® B.V. Badge is a symbolic way to thwart would-be shoppers from purchasing DeckWise® B.V. products from “Unauthorized” resellers and only purchase where they see this logo. This certification will provide consumers with the knowledge, confidence and support that they are purchasing “genuine” and warranted DeckWise® B.V. products from a trustworthy reseller.

Our Badging Program and Certification comes with a simple logo Badge. We encourage you to display this Badge wherever possible such as your Company's website, on all online resale and auction portals, as well as ALL SUBSIDIARY LOCATIONS. This Badge displays your dedication to providing premium American Made decking products backed by the DeckWise® B.V. manufactures’ warranty. This Badge designates your legitimacy and Certification as an Authorized reseller and your business as our partner.

With the display of this Badge you agree to all DeckWise® B.V. procedures, advertised price policies and guidelines for resale of DeckWise® B.V. products. Any violation of these will be closely monitored. We encourage you to check with your sales rep if you have any questions.

deckwise authorized dealer

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