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Limited Liability Warranty

deckwise warranty

We are offer a non-transferable Limited Warranty free of manufacturer defects in material to the original purchaser. Purchases must be from an "Authorized" dealer or re-seller of our products. We use only high Grade stainless steel for our deck screws, cladding fastener clips and the metal insert for our hardwood clip deck fasteners.

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Warranty Authentication: All DeckWise® International B.V. Limited Liability Warranties are enforceable only under the condition that, the product was purchased from an “Authorized” dealer, distributor or re-seller of our hardwood building products. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser for the original project and is non-transferable. Product purchased from “non-authorized” re-sellers hold no expressed and also implied warranty and will not be honored. For questions or concerns. Phone: + 31 33 469 1037.
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