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How-To Replace Damaged Terrace Planks

How-To Replace Damaged Hardwood Planks

Invisible terrace fixings are exactly that, unseen and invisible between the plank gaps. Fixing clips are secured in the edges of timber planks inside slot grooves and screwed through the plank into the sleeper below.

This uniqueness often times tends to intimidate home owners and contractors from replacing damaged terrace planks. The issue at hand is how to remove a damaged plank when fixing screws are inaccessible.

Below is our simple method to replace terrace planks with step-by-step instructions.


Cut the damaged terrace plank that needs to be replaced down the center. If tight, making two cuts can help you remove the center portion of the plank more easily.


Use a circular hand saw to cut down the center on the plank that is to be removed.

deckwise hardwood fastener clip board replacement - step 1


Remove the cut pieces and un-screw the invisible terrace clip, if possible, which was screwed into the side slot or groove on the plank edge.


1. Remove the center piece that was cut in the previous step.

2. Remove side sections of plank (the side that the screw is running through may need to be pried out).

3. If screw breaks, pound flush into sleeper with hammer.

deckwise hardwood fastener clip board replacement - step 2


Install a new stainless steel screw at a 45° angle into the side slot groove that you removed the invisible clip out of.


Be careful to not over tighten the screw. That could crack or break the slot groove edge.

deckwise hardwood fastener clip board replacement - step 3


Carefully slide a new timber plank onto the exposed side of the new terrace fixing.


Installing a plank with a groove on just one side is optimal in this step.

deckwise hardwood fastener clip board replacement - step 4


Drill and countersink a screw hole to attach the plank. Drill straight down into the plank side that will not have an invisible fixing clip. Secure with a screw and cover with a timber plug over the screw to hide it. Be sure to match the timber fiber of the plug with the terrace plank for a seamless look.


If installing a terrace plank with a slot or groove on both edges, make sure not to drive the screw through the slot groove. That could crack the edge of the plank. Always pre-drill and plug slightly more toward the center to avoid the groove.

deckwise hardwood fastener clip board replacement - step 5
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