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Stainless Steel Cladding Clips

The easiest and least costly technique of fixing cladding is with a face screw or rivet directly into a timber plank and into the sub-structure. However, this leaves unsightly screw heads visible and allows for moisture to penetrate the cladding timbers which, can lead to wood rot.

With our modern building method uses rainscreen cladding and offers a 25mm cladding fixing that can save you time and money. Our stainless steel screws are inserted into the fixing hole and through the external cladding timber and into the substructure. This achieves the best insulation, acoustic and aesthetic solution in one design and secures the plank to the building. Because one side of the plank is secured, it allows the natural movement of expansion on the width of all cladding planks. This maintains an even gap spacing at all times and prevents the intrusion of moisture.

Premium American quality manufactured from solid 304 Grade stainless steel, the DeckWise® Invisible Cladding Fixings produce a smooth, beautiful and professional look. The entire rainscreeen system - sometimes called weatherboarding - is designed to considerably minimize cupping, twisting, and even mold growth from water intrusion and prevent wood rot. Compatible with a hardwood rainscreen cladding profile on 25mm planks, our Invisible Cladding Fixing system is perfect for both residential and commercial building projects.

Cladding timber panels should be installed on a sub-frame with sufficient strength and enduring durability. Quality and/or treatment of the sub-frame should be in compliance with applicable local building specifications and regulations.

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Concealed Cladding Fixing Kit Contents:

  • Invisible Cladding Clips
  • Cladding Starter Clips
  • DeckWise® 4,2 x 50mm Stainless Steel Screws
  • T-15 Driver Screw Driver Tip
deckwise hidden cladding fastener kits

deckwise hidden cladding fasteners

With the addition of a secondary screw affixing hole, installing cladding vertically, angular, and overhead is easily accomplished. No need to worry about loose planks, our fixing design allows screws to penetrate the cladding plank and safely secure it to the underlying furring and substructure. Invisible Cladding Fasteners allow new creative concepts to become a reality!

Premium American Made & U.S. Patented: D663,612 S

If you wish to find out more about Invisible Cladding Fasteners, please feel free to contact us online or call directly at + 31 33 469 1037.

deckwise hidden cladding diagram

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Apply house wrap (vapor barrier) to stop water intrusion. Always adhere to the Manufacturer's installation guidelines.
  2. Install the base plank (horizontal furring strip) using stainless steel screws. Make sure the base plank is level.
  3. 40cm on center, align the furring strips on top of the base plank vertically. Install and attach furring strips with stainless steel screws.
  4. On the base plank, install starter clips that are included with your invisible cladding fixing kit. Be sure to align each of the starter clips with the vertical furring strips that were installed in step 3. TIP: To create a level line, use a chalk line reel.
  5. Install the first cladding plank on top of the starter clips. Use a level to guarantee the first plank has been properly aligned.
  6. Insert the concealed cladding fixings into the pre-cut rainscreen (weatherboarding) profile on the top of the plank. These will align with the starter clip moving upwards and centered on each vertical furring strip.
  7. At a 45 degree angle, drive screw through the cladding fixing and down into the furring strip. (Angled and overhead cladding planks should be secured using the fixing hole that allows the screw to penetrate the plank.)
  8. Continue to set preceding cladding planks on top of the secured fixing. TIP: Use the Hardwood Wrench™ or a rubber mallet for aligning planks appropriately.

deckwise hidden cladding fastener installation diagram

Materials Needed

  • Rainscreen Cladding
  • DeckWise® Invisible Cladding Fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Cordless Drill
  • End Seal
  • Base Board
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Level
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Chalk Line

Pre Installation

Determine the amount of cladding needed based on the “Net Finished Dimensions” only. Cladding must acclimate to your local climate. Apply Ipe Seal™ to end grains.

Available Kit Options

DeckWise® Invisible Cladding Fixing kits are sold in the quantities listed below:

  • Invisible Cladding Fixings
  • 50
  • 0 Starter Clips
  • 50
    4,2 x 50mm
  • 1 - T15 Star Tip
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  • Invisible Cladding Fixings
  • 175
  • 12 Starter Clips
  • 190
    4,2 x 50mm
  • 1 - T15 Star Tip
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  • Invisible Cladding Fixings
  • 300
  • 20 Starter Clips
  • 325
    4,2 x 50mm
  • 2 - T15 Star Tip
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  • Invisible Cladding Fixings
  • 1050
  • 64 Starter Clips
  • 1130
    4,2 x 50mm
  • 3 - T15 Star Tip
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deckwise hidden cladding clip

DeckWise® Concealed Cladding Fixings

deckwise cladding starter clip

DeckWise® Starter Clips

stainless steel trim head decking screw

4,2 x 50mm Stainless Steel Trim-Head Screws

t15 driver tip

T15 Star Driver Tip

The Invisible Cladding Fixings from DeckWise® are quick and simple to install and also help to increase the life span of your hardwood cladding. Our US patented design is manufactured to mount on the edge of 25mm cladding planks, rather than affixing through the face of the timber. In return, our Cladding Fixings provide a much more professional smooth looking and structurally stable finished product.

deckwise warranty

DeckWise® Invisible Cladding Fixings Limited Warranty

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Limited Warranty
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