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Precise Plank Gap Spacing. Guaranteed!

WiseGuides® terrace plank spacer wedges are premium American made and serve as the perfect addition to every builder's toolbox for installing invisible hardwood clips or when face screwing. The unique V-Design permits installers to use these spacer wedges in any given position between planks. Finding the proper spacer is quick and easy with their bright color coded design. (Included in the Extreme S® and the EXTREMEKD® clip kits.)

deckwise board gap spacer wedges


  • Extremely hard plastic polymer resin for resistance & rigidity
  • V-Shape profile to facilitate fitting & fast removal
  • Color coded spacer wedge sizes for easy use
  • Large grip blade to guarantee ample resistance
  • Large handle opening to allow easy access by your fingers
  • Anti-marking ribs to reduce plank contact surface
  • Graduations 8mm / 6,4mm / 5,2mm / 4mm / 3,2mm

blue board gap spacer


red board gap spacer


green board gap spacer


orange board gap spacer


yellow board gap spacer


Keeping your terrace free of standing water and debris is crucial. WiseGuides® remove the guess work for precise gap spacing between terrace planks, which results in proper water drainage and drying. Build with striking, consistent lengthwise plank gap intervals time after time for professional results. The functional structure allows terrace installers to implement these spacers in any location between timber planks.

The exclusively crafted V-shape blade design and style prevents nicking as well as marring of hardwood, thermally modified woods and composite materials. Depending on the length of your terrace plank, place two or more spacer wedge tools every 60-70cm in between planks. Moving lengthwise between planks is a breeze thanks to the spacer's convenient handle. Let WiseGuides® spacer wedges remain in place during invisible fixing clip installation. Extract once installment is complete by effortlessly pulling the handle upward, releasing it from the plank gap.

Guarantee Precise & Regular Gaps

The specially made V blade design and handle of WiseGuides® gap spacer wedges help thwart damage to terrace timbers that pressed together during installation. Thanks to the unique handle design, no more loss of time due to wedges that are impossible to remove between two tightened planks.

The extreme hardness of the hardened plastic wedges guarantee they will keep their normal thickness, even after the planks have been secured.

board gap spacers multi pack

6 Pack

board gap spacers 20 pack

20 Pack

RANGE 3,2 mm 4 mm 5,2 mm 6,4 mm 8 mm
6 Pack
20 Pack

Watch this quick video and see how you can achieve a stunning, uniform plank gap spacing with our WiseGuides®. Our spacer wedges work flawlessly with our Hardwood Wrench™ and most installation tools.

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