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Invisible Terrace & Cladding Building Products

Extreme® Invisible Terrace Clip For Hardwoods / 2,4mm Gap

The Extreme® DeckWise® invisible terrace clip was the first design of it's kind in the U.S. market with a stainless steel reinforcing insert to be molded inside the fixing clip. The terrace fixing can be used with air dried hardwood, thermally modified softwoods, composite, or PVC materials. The incorporated spacer wedge will automatically and intentionally space terrace plank timbers at a 2,4 mm gap for precise gap alignment every time. Hardwood timber planks will squeeze and compress the spacer wedge but will not damage the timber during natural expansion.

The Extreme® invisible hardwood clip is primarily used with exotic hardwoods and incorporates an edge-mount securing method in order to attach terrace planks. This makes the Extreme® clip virtually undetectable after installation with the smallest gap size possible. This unique square design hides neatly between plank gaps, keeping the terrace clip invisible and out of sight.

The Extreme® fixing is a U.S. patented unseen clip injection molded with synthetic polypropylene resin that offers additional chemical and ultraviolet resilient properties. The embedded stainless-steel insert is coated with a black oxide coating to provide Anti-corrosion properties and to assist with hiding screw heads. The reinforcing steel insert is what makes our terrace clips firmly hold timber planks to the underlying joist sleepers for a prolonged hold-down. Screws will hold tight to the insert!

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Hardwood deck built with DeckWise® Extreme<sup>®</sup> fixing

Extreme S® Invisible Fixing Clip For Hardwoods / 4mm Gap

The Extreme S® DeckWise® series of unseen terrace fixings permit contraction on the width of air dried hardwoods as well as expansion of kiln dried hardwoods on their width. This terrace clip design is also part of the original U.S. patented invisible terrace clip with a reinforcing stainless steel insert. These hardwood clips can be installed on thermally modified timber, hardwoods, composite material, or PVC material. Each hardwood clip comes with a 4mm integrated gap spacer wedge leg. This spacer wedge functions to automatically and intentionally guarantee equal plank gap intervals. The larger spacer wedge legs will compress during plank expansion and return to their orginal shape without marring the plank. This is important over time to ensure long term lengthwise plank spacing.

Extreme S® fixings also implement the edge-mount installment method in order to connect timber planks to joists. When these terrace clips are mounted inside the edge channel of timber planks, this makes them almost undetectable following installation. The distinctive biscuit style design is injection molded around the reinforcing insert utilizing a plastic polyethylene resin. This plastic resin offers a great deal more chemical and UV resilient qualities for an extended long-term terrace.

Each terrace clip utilizes a stainless-steel insert which is coated with a black oxide finish in order to improve with camouflaging the fixing screw head between plank gaps. The black oxide also adds anti-corrosion properties. Again, the stainless steel metal insert is what makes this timber fixing clip hold tight to timber planks and to the underlying wooden sleepers. It also helps to prevent screws from popping through the fixing when under pressure from expansion.

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Fastener free terrace built with DeckWise® Extreme S<sup>®</sup> fixing

ExtremeKD® Unseen Terrace Fixing Clip For Hardwoods / 6,35mm Gap

The ExtremeKD® DeckWise® invisible terrace fixing can be used when larger gap spacings are desired. Install these terrace fixings with kiln dried thermally modified timber, hardwood, composite, or PVC materials. Each comes with a 6,35 mm gap spacer wedge leg molded into the clip. The integrated spacer leg is a hollow wedge that functions as a "shock absorber." As it is compressed by the timber during natural expansion, the spacer wedges will return to their original shape for consistent spacing intervals. The polymer casing is designed to not damage the edges plank.

Much as the Extreme® and Extreme S®, the ExtremeKD® terrace fixing utilizes the same edge-mount installation method in order to secure terrace timber planks. When fixing clips are fastened in the slot groove of timber planks, this makes the clips practically invisible between plank gaps following installing. The larger spacer leg design is again incorporated into a biscuit style shape which is also a U.S. patented terrace clip (with a stainless steel insert) that is injection molded using a polyethylene plastic resin. This resin provides much more chemical and Ultraviolet resistant characteristics.

Once again, utilizing the same patented black oxide stainless steel insert for strength and corrosion resistance, the coating also aids with concealing screw heads. The stainless steel insert is what makes these clips hold tightly to timbers and not pop up after normal yearly climate changes.

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Exotic Ipe terrace built with ExtremeKD<sup>®</sup> invisible fixing clip

Painted Trim-Head Terrace Screws

DeckWise® painted-head terrace screws are manufactured from top-quality professional Grade 305 stainless steel metal. Select from 3 distinctive head colors. Choose from Shadowline Black, Hardwood Brown, or perhaps Stainless Steel for the ideal match to your timber or composite terrace material. These painted terrace building screws offer the perfect match for better concealment between timber planks when installing exotic hardwoods or thermally treated softwoods. When using PVC and composite materials these screws will also hide neatly inside the insert.

The small trim-style head is designed to not damage the plank during installation. They are much less apparent with concealed terrace fixings including face screwed timber planks. This means these screws offer a small, refined appearance that ensures an tidy screw head every time.

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Installing trim-head screws

Self-Drilling & Heat-Treated Terrace Screw

In the demanding terrace building industry, builders depend on their capability to get return customers by building projects that are long-lasting. The DeckWise® HTSS™ (Heat Treated Stainless Steel) screw has the perfect strength option for demanding builders.

The heat treated screw has a 4-sided nail point for fast penetration as well as serrated threads in order to cut timber material out of the way. The serrations also pull the screw into the timber deeper. The advanced hold down control secures planks tightly and will certainly not allow screw back out over time from natural expansion and contraction.

Pre-drilling is recommended for hardwood and thermal wood timbers to avoid cracking. We suggest installers take their time during installation and let the screw do the work if not pre-drilling screw pilot holes. Very little top pressure is needed from the screw gun to penetrate the timber once the screw tip begins to dig in.

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installing self drilling terrace screw

Invisible Cladding Fixing Clips

Stamped from premium solid 304 Grade stainless steel in the USA, the DeckWise® Invisible Cladding Clips produce a modern and elegantly smooth cladding surface. Our cladding fixing is manufactured to greatly decrease plank cupping and twisting, as well as inhibit mold growth due to water (h2o) penetration. Ideal for both commercial and residential cladding applications, our concealed cladding clip works perfectly with most rainscreen (weatherboarding) timber profiles.

Our fixing offers a 25mm cladding fixing that will save time and money during installation. Stainless steel screws are secured into the fixing and through the cladding plank, into the furring strips on the wall. Only one side of the cladding plank is secured. This allows for natural expansion and contraction of cladding timbers over time and maintains an even gap spacing preventing the intrusion of water.

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Installing hidden cladding fasteners

Ipe Timber Plugs To Hide Screw Heads

When utilizing concealed terrace fixing clips or when surface face screwing timber planks, our Master Plug Kit handles the challenge. We include Ipe hardwood plugs and the trusted brand name of timber glue in each kit - Gorilla Glue®. The DeckWise® Master Plug Kit fills in the void where other so-called "complete timber plug kits" leave open. Finally, terrace installers have an all-in-one system they've been asking for.

The tapered shape of each timber plug fits tightly inside countersunk screw holes to match your Ipe hardwood plank. Simply use these plugs for starter plank installations and for countersunk face screws to hide the screw heads.

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Hole hidden with plug

Hardwood Wrench™ Plank Straightening Tool

Originally invented by our American company, The Hardwood Wrench™ is the most sophisticated terrace timber straightening tool ever developed. Give yourself and your installers the freedom of hands free installations by using a tool that effortlessly locks into place for a true "One Man, One Hand Installation.®"

Our wrench has a pushing force of around 500 kg and provides installers upward to 8-times additional bending force versus other replica timber plank straightening tools on the market.

The joist pins are designed to give construction installers the capability to tightly grab sub-framing while locking the cam in place. Use the premium quality American Ash handle from either the left or right hand direction. Adjust the dog leg steel pins and the handle to create to 10 different directional configurations. This tool is extremely handy when an installer needs to straighten a warped hardwood plank on the outside area of support framing.

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terrace board straightener

Drill & Drive™ 3-in-1 Installation Drill Bit Set

The Drill & Drive™ is a 3-in-1 drill bit set that can utilized to pre-drill, countersink, and quickly drive screws by simply reversing bits with the removable rapid change chuck. The ease of use this terrace installation tool kit offers will make pre-drilling hardwoods and securing screws 3X or more quicker than standard drilling and driving screws with mulitple screw guns.

Hardwood builders... once you begin using our Drill & Drive™ drill bit set you instantly recognize just how much quicker and more efficient future installations will be. For DIY home owners, the Drill & Drive™ drill bit set can easily be used for additional building around the home. It will become your ideal tool solution for residence touch-up or home restoration projects.

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Decking tool kit

Spacer Wedges Create Precise Plank Gaps

WiseGuides® spacer wedges were invented and are premium manufactured in the USA. These spacer wedges remove the guess work for proper gap spacing between terrace planks when it comes to proper water drainage and timber drying. The method of sticking a nail in between planks for gap spacing is, in fact, over! Create beautiful, precise gap intervals every time for professional results. The versatile V-shape design structure enables contractors and D-I-Y home owners to effortlessly use these wedges as part of any installation location.

No more loss of time due to wedges that are impossible to remove or stuck between two tightened timber planks. Effortlessly pull them up by their handle and slide them to the next spot between planks during installation.

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Space terrace planks evenly
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